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The Talislanta Email List
The Talislanta Email List is a place where Tal fans can exchange ideas, stories, characters, adventures, or have any kind of discussion about Talislanta. It is one of the most friendly, flame-free zones on the Internet and we're proud of that.

Roger Bonzer's Talislanta Pages
Ah... where to begin? Roger's Festival of the Bizarre series is probably the best tal-based fiction ever written, so be sure to check that out. Roger also has an impressive collection of notes and trivia about all of the Talislanta sourcebooks (both published and otherwise), and copious lists of all the flora and fauna in Tal.

Talislanta/D&D 3E Conversion
A very helpful Talislanta to D&D 3rd Edition conversion website, by Andrew Ross.

Tal Central
Mateusz Krepicz's awesome website. Probably the single largest collection of fan-created Talislanta material on the web. Bookmark it!

Through the Witchgate
Matthew Webber's super-cool Talislanta site. Features the "Sanctum Alcedon" (a massive collection of Tal fan-material that rivals that of Talislanta Central) and the "Parthenthius Volumes" (detailed info about an all new continent to add to your Talislanta games!). Beautiful site with lots of cool artwork.

The website for Talislanta's official fanzine. Produced by Phillip LaRose, known as "Philos" on the Tal List, and J.W. Bersani, otherwise known as Alexia.

Nicolas "freefrog" Solberg's lovely Talislanta pages feature original windship designs and adventure write-ups. Nicolas is also a very talented web-designer so you might want to have a look at the rest of as well.

Azalin's Talislanta page
Azalin has put together a pretty sharp little Talislanta page. There are 3 different art galleries, 2 of which display characters from his campaign, illustrated by the artist SLAMM.

The Kang Civil War
John Harper's write-up of an epic Talislanta campaign. Now with pictures.

Talislanta Explorer's Companion
Looking for maps? Check this site out. Jonathan Elliott has currently done regional maps for Durne, Sindar, and Astar, all with pop-up city maps (by Matthew Webber) and location descriptions. Supposedly, the other 7 Kingdoms regions are in the works as well.

The Talislanta Notebook
Wilson Valentino has lots of interesting stuff on his site, including some alternative Tal game rules, writings about magic in Tal, and the "Gold and Green Mercantile House" an organization located in Cymril. Ever wonder what those Cymrilian crystal buildings look like? Now you can find out.

Library at Jalaad
A Tal website by Dharus that features several new archetypes, lost arcana, and original cultural notes.

Seraph's Talislanta Page
Serpah brings us several entertaining Tal adventure stories along with write-ups of the characters involved. The game is still going on, so be sure to check back for updates to the tale.

The World of Talislanta
Allan Frost brings us a site detailing his "Lord of the Southern Rim" campaign, as well as his vision of the Talislanta milieu.

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