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Tamar: The Official Un-official Talislanta 'Zine

While this publication has the full support of Stephan Michael Sechi, the creator of Talislanta, Tamar is not an official source of new game material. Rather, it is a creative outlet for fans of Talislanta to share their ideas, stories, and artwork, and to hear news of Talislanta as well. To some extent, Tamar will be covering material already discussed on the email list or available on this and other web pages. However, they are getting entirely new material from writers and artists, and are making print copies available to help reach the fans who do not have access to the Internet.

Tamar is produced by Phillip LaRose, known as "Philos" on the Tal List, and J.W. Bersani, otherwise known as Alexia.

You can visit the Tamar Homepage, or if you prefer, and have Adobe's Acrobat Reader, you can read Tamar Issue 1.1 right now in .pdf format.

Comments or requests for submission guidelines can be sent to

The Crucible Archives

What was the Crucible? The Crucible was a newsletter for those interested in the intricacies of the fantasy role-playing world of Talislanta. Within these archives, you will find articles and artwork detailing the Talislanta game world, snippets from Tamerlin's Chronicles, original artwork and fiction by Tal fans, alternative rules for the 3rd edition system, and more. It was published by Jai Kel (a.k.a. Loyal G. Parsons).