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For your convenience, all of the downloads throughout this site are here for the taking in one big collection.

Talislanta 4th Edition Sampler[3MB] - This 50+ page sampler book contains the rules, a brief synopsis of the magic system and Wizardry Order, and the Seven Kingdoms section of the Traveller's Guide with archetypes. It's all you need to run a short adventure in the Seven Kingdoms, or to get a good feeling for the flavor of the game.

Talislanta Multimedia Tour [8MB] - For those new to Talislanta, or those just wanting a cool multimedia piece about the world, this RealMedia file contains over 30 images from the Talislanta book collection as well as a great selection of music samples from Stephen Michael Sechi's "Music From Talislanta" series.


Character Sheets


  • The Puzzle Box
    The Talislanta 4th Edition introductory adventure that was cut from the book due to space restrictions. But hey... now it's free!
  • Satada!
    A brief, modular style adventure by Colin Chapman.