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Talislanta 4th Edition Errata

Non-proficiency d10 Rule - pages 24 and 493
The rule these references mention was removed from the game. Instead, refer to the "Using Skills That Your Character Doesn't Have" section on pages 16-17.

Enchanted Armor - page 24
The book states: "chainmail with an enhancement of +1 has a PR of 3 -". It should state: "has a PR of 6 -".

Grappling Attacks - page 26
The book states: "or body-slammed (DR 4 + STR)". It should state: "or body-slammed (DR 3 + STR)".

"Sword of Zoriah" spell - page 61
This spell refers to "Danuvian priestesses" and their worship of "Zoriah". Not only are there no Danuvian priestesses (they have no formal religion), but their interpretation of Zoriah is called "Danu".

"Terra's Grasp" spell - page 62
This spell refers to "Gnomekin priests". Not only are all of the Gnomekin priests of Terra female (the "Daughters of Terra", making them priestesses), but they also do not use Invocation (they use Crystalomancy exclusively, considering it Terra's divine magic).

Create Thaumaturgic Wand - page 105
It refers to "(see Chapter XX, Equipment)". This should read "(see Chapter 7, Equipment)".

Introductory Adventure - page 424
In two instances on this page, a sample "introductory adventure" is refered to. This adventure was cut due to space constraints, but is available as a free Acrobat file on the Downloads page .