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Additional Equipment

As if there weren't already enough goodies in the game for you to choose from, here's a bunch of aditional items for your adventurers to equip themselves with. We've got things for the strong warrior type, as well as for the... well... not so strong artistic sort.

  • Weapons
    Here be an assorted variety of things what stab, jab, hack, slash, stick, impale, bludgeon, and quite possibly disintegrate. Now don't be pointing that at me...
  • Armor and Shields
    Scale, mail, plate, and of course the finest leathers this side of the Dead River. No, that is supposed to be worn over the tunic...
  • Specialist Ammunition
    Will you be needin' these arrows to kill, maim, or just right destroy your target?
  • Instruments
    This frame here was shaped by the finest Bodoran craftsman. Of course, the strings haven't been tuned recently...
  • Sindaran Chandlery
    Everybody needs candles. Don't forget about them just because they're not sharp. And you know, there's nothing like an aphrodisiac candle to get that special someone in the mood...