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Sindaran Chandlery
by Jason Leinen

The Sindarans have, among their many alchemical abilities, mastered the creation of candles that do various functions beyond merely providing light. The candles are usually only readily available inside Sindar, but there is a small amount of trade with other countries involving them, especially to Cymril and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.

Alchemical candles are made as ordinary candles and learning this skill requires the prerequisite skill of Candle Making. Each candle will burn for one hour. Doubling the ingredients and production time will make a candle that lasts 2 hours, or two candles that last one hour each, tripling does likewise as does making a one hour candle into two 1/2 hour candles (the minimum size is 1/2 hour duration). Each hour of duration requires 8 oz. of tallow in addition to the specific ingredients of that particular candle (five pounds of tallow costs 2 c.p.). A candle affects a very small area, usually about a 5' radius.

Repellant Candle
This candle keeps small insects such as flits and Tazian flies at bay for as long as it burns.
Level: 2
Ingredients: 16 drams mung-berry juice
Time Required: 1 hour
Cost of Materials: 3 g.l.
Minimum Value: 5 g.l.

Brightness Candle
This candle burns with a much higher intensity than a normal candle. Triple the amount of light given off.
Level: 2
Ingredients: 8 drams powdered copper
Time Required: 2 hours
Cost of Materials: 5 c.p.
Minimum Value: 3 g.l.

Colored Candle
This creates a candle that has a flame of a specific color as specified by its creator. This process may be mixed with others to create a hybrid candle (i.e. a brightness candle that burns blue).
Level: 1
Ingredients: Various dyes depending on the intended color
Time Required: 1 hour (or +1/2 hour if combined with another process)
Cost of Materials: 3 c.p.
Minimum Value: 2 g.l. (Or +2 g.l.)

Soporific Candle
This candle causes those within its affect to fall into a deep natural sleep. The affects are easily resisted (any vigorous activity is enough to counter the candle), so it is of little use to most adventurers, but Sindaran healers as well as those who suffer from insomnia find them to be invaluable.
Level: 4
Ingredients: 3 drams powdered Morphius
Time Required: 3 hours
Cost of Materials: 30 g.l.
Minimum Value: 36 g.l.

Watchman's Candle
This candle is the opposite of the soporific candle. Those within its affect become more alert and are able to stay awake longer (+2 to rolls to avoid sleep whether natural or otherwise). These candles are highly prized by guards and many are exported yearly to Kazmir.
Level: 4
Ingredients: 3 drams powdered Morphius, 1 dram powdered contrary vine
Time Required: 4 hours
Cost of Materials: 50 g.l.
Minimum Value: 55 g.l.

Scented Candle
These candles are designed to give off a specific odor. The affect actually goes beyond the normal radius of candles as the air carries the smell. This affect may be combined with others.
Level: 3
Ingredients: 10 drams of the substance whose odor is being reproduced
Time Required: 3 hours (or +2 hours if combined with another process)
Cost of Materials: Varies
Minimum Value: Varies (usually +10% of the cost to produce)

Aphrodisiac Candle
A lesser form of the aphrodisiac elixir, those under its influence are at a -1 Willpower to resist seduction attempts.
Level: 3
Ingredients: 6 drams powdered Tantalus
Time Required: 4 hours
Cost of Materials: 30 g.l.
Minimum Value: 40 g.l.

Meditative Candle
This candle calms the nerves and clears the head. It gives a +1 bonus to all skill checks requiring concentration and a +1 bonus to the casting of spells of the Mysticism Order.
Level: 6
Ingredients: 2 drams powdered Morphius, 6 drams powdered amber
Time Required: 6 hours
Cost of Materials: 25 g.l.
Minimum Value: 36 g.l.

Miner's Candle
These candles are a reversal of normal candles. They burn foul air and produce fresh. They are highly valued by the Gnomekin who risk a chance cave-in and the Yitek who venture into places that have been undisturbed for centuries and may hold stale air.
Level: 5
Ingredients: 5 drams contrary vine
Time Required: 4 hours
Cost of Materials: 100 g.l.
Minimum Value: 108 g.l.

Poison Candle
These candles do 2 points of damage to anyone within its area of affect every five minutes unless they make a successful CON check. The victim will continue to make CON checks or take 2 points damage for as long as they remain in the area of affect, or the candle goes out. When the victim is first damaged by the candle, a PER roll at -5 is required to notice its affects. Each additional time a victim takes damage they are allowed another PER check with a cumulative +1 to the roll. If another poison candle is encountered later, a person may make a check to recognize it by scent (which is why poison candles are often combined with scented candles). These items are illegal in the Seven Kingdoms as well as most other civilized lands.
Level: 8
Ingredients: 20 drams powdered skullcap
Time Required: 1 day
Cost of Materials: 100 g.l.
Minimum Value: 150 g.l.

Elemental Candles
These rare candles are the original invention of a Sindaran chandler named Sandalus who had an unhealthy fascination with magic. He managed to invent a candle that, through the use of elemental essences, helped create an environment friendlier to spellcasting. Much of his research has been lost, but the two forms of this type of candle that survive today are Pyromantic candles and Aeromantic candles. Each type grants a +1 to spellcasting of the respective type and a -1 to spellcasting of the opposite kind (i.e. Aquamantic spells are at a -1 under the influence of a Pyromantic candle). Many Sindarans are leery of these candles and they are often scarce.
Level: 10
Ingredients: 16 drams of the appropriate elemental essence
Time Required: 1 day
Cost of Materials: 200 g.l.
Minimum Value: 225 g.l.

Note: It is widely known that Sandalus experimented with other forms of magic enhancing candles before going insane and becoming a Sindra. It isn't known how successful he was, but there have been rumors of other types being found in some of his notes that have turned up. One type that scholars know of for sure is a Necromantic candle. The recipe for creating this candle is currently locked away in the Lyceum Arcanum due to the fact that its creation requires tallow taken from a sentient being of Archaen decent.