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Mark "Tipop" Williams' Zodar Deck

About the artist

Mark "Tipop" Williams has been a fan of Talislanta since he first laid eyes on the Chronicles in a bookstore. His gaming addiction goes back much further... back in the dark ages of the late 70s.

His addiction to computer art goes back almost as far. He wrote his own art program on an 8086 PC with 64k of memory. Later he moved on to the Amiga computer, and a few years ago he started using a Windows PC and Adobe Photoshop, so he has gradually climbed the ladder in terms of his tools as well as his skill.

Card #1 - Zar: The Dark Moon. An ill-aspected card, signifying evil, conspiracy,black magic.

Card #2 - Laeolis: The Blue Moon. Sorrow, disappointment, heartbreak.

Card #3 - Jhang: The Crimson Moon. Rage, violence, dark passions.

Card #4 - Ardan: The Purple Moon. Romance, passion, desire.

Card #5 - Phandir: The Green Moon. Mystery, things unknown.

Card #6 - Drome: The Amber Moon. Peace, repose, relief.

Card #7 - Talisande: The Silver Moon. Good fortune.

Card #8 - The Lesser Sun. A matter of little import.

Card #9 - The Greater Sun. A matter of great import.

Card #10 - The Charlatan. Deception or deception discovered.

Card #11 - The Rogue. Loss, thievery, distrust.

Card #12 - The Warrior. Confrontation, conflict, vigilance.

Card #13 - The Assassin. Treachery, betrayal, death.

Card #14 - The Peddler. Opportunity, the chance for profit or loss.

Card #15 - The Wanderer. Travel and adventure.

Card #16 - The Wizard. Sorcery, chance, uncertainty.

Card #17 - The Mystic. Hidden knowledge, secrets.

Card #18 - The Alchemist. Change, transformation, the unexpected.

Card #19 - The Reaper. Inevitability.

Card #20 - The Archon. Victory.