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Ed Heil's Zodar Deck

About the artist(s)

A long time supporter of Talislanta, Ed has done quite a bit of fan artwork dating back to 1989. More often that not, he will ink the pieces, and then send them to his counterpart, Joseph Porrett, for coloring. His Zodar gallery is a prime example of this tag-team process. The works for which they are probably best known are the pinups, works which to this day are infamous with the long-time Talislanta email list fans.

Other achievements by Ed Heil include linguistics work, put into the development of both the Chanan and Sawilan languages.

Joseph Porrett has gone through the trouble of creating a font of the Low Talislan script.

Card #1 - Zar: The Dark Moon. An ill-aspected card, signifying evil, conspiracy,black magic.

Card #2 - Laeolis: The Blue Moon. Sorrow, disappointment, heartbreak.

Card #3 - Jhang: The Crimson Moon. Rage, violence, dark passions.

Card #4 - Ardan: The Purple Moon. Romance, passion, desire.

Card #5 - Phandir: The Green Moon. Mystery, things unknown.

Card #6 - Drome: The Amber Moon. Peace, repose, relief.

Card #7 - Talisande: The Silver Moon. Good fortune.

Card #8 - The Lesser Sun. A matter of little import.

Card #9 - The Greater Sun. A matter of great import.

Card #10 - The Charlatan. Deception or deception discovered.

Card #11 - The Rogue. Loss, thievery, distrust.

Card #12 - The Warrior. Confrontation, conflict, vigilance.

Card #13 - The Assassin. Treachery, betrayal, death.

Card #14 - The Peddler. Opportunity, the chance for profit or loss.

Card #15 - The Wanderer. Travel and adventure.

Card #16 - The Wizard. Sorcery, chance, uncertainty.

Card #17 - The Mystic. Hidden knowledge, secrets.

Card #18 - The Alchemist. Change, transformation, the unexpected.

Card #19 - The Reaper. Inevitability.

Card #20 - The Archon. Victory.