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The Zodar Deck...

...a mystery from ancient times, a window into the future, a card game in casinos and taverns across the continent. The Zodar deck is many things to many people.

The Rahastran people, in particular the Rahastran cartomancers, believe in it's prophetic abilities, and speak of it as though it were a sentient force. They believe that they are guided by the Zodar, like students following a master.

Cymrilian scholars have studied it's properties, theorizing about it's symbolism, the quasi-religeous beliefs of the Rahastrans, and the deeper meaning behind it's form and function... They have also lost a great deal of money in games of Zodar, performing "research".

Sarista fortune-tellers, Zandir card-sharks, even Vird infantrymen passing the pre-dawn hours before battle all use these cards in various ways. The truth of their deeper nature may never be known.

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