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Ron Spencer

About the Artist by SMS

I was first introduced to the art of Ron Spencer when a mysterious package arrived one day at my home. Inside were illustrations of some truly horrific looking monsters, apparently rendered with an airbrush. When, on closer inspection, I saw that the illustrations had been done in ballpoint pen, I realized that this was no conventional artist, but a truly unique - and twisted - talent. And so Talislanta had its second artist.

Ron drew numerous illustrations for many Talislanta books, including the Cyclopedia Talislanta, the Talislanta Worldbook, Sub-Men Rising, and the 4th Edition. His artwork added a wonderfully dark and eerie look to the Talislantan milieu, and I always enjoyed working with him.

Ron Spencer lives in Aurora, Nebraska, with his wife Stacey and their children. He has gained a well-deserved reputation in the game business for his work on Wizards of the Coasts's Magic: The Gathering, as well as many other projects.