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Eric Patrick

About the Artist by Jonathan Elliott

Out of the blue one day, I got a request for submission guidelines for artwork. Now, with the City Guide only in planning, we really weren't in need of another artist just yet, but not wanting to pass on a possible opportunity I asked for a sample of any city or architectural work that he'd done. He hadn't, but that didn't stop him. Two days later two different city scenes appeared in my email box, pictures he had drawn specifically for the occasion. And they were good. Very good.

Thus Tal aquired another artist to work on the upcoming City Guide. Keeping with it's long tradition of utilizing little known artists, I can only hope the tradition will continue in helping to propell Eric forward to the same level as previous artists.

Eric lives in Redmond, Washington, and actually has no real experience doing RPG art at all. He was a television producer in L.A., and fortunately for us decided to leave. Eric is quite skilled in a variety of media, including pencils, inks and washes, and digital art.