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Adam Black

About the Artist by Jonathan Elliott

The first time I really noticed Adam's work was when I saw some of his city pieces, which immediately labeled him in my head - Adam is the guy who does the new city art for Tal. Fortunately for all of us, he noticed some problems with his earlier work that had been contracted for the "10th anniversary Edition" and insisted on re-drawing each and every one of those pieces. The work he produced for us in such a short period of time was absolutely wonderful, and broke him from that stereotype in my head forever. Some of his characters so closely reflect the feeling that P.D. evoked, while keeping his own style at the same time, that he's a wonderful and invaluable addition to the team.

Adam ended up doing a large amount of additional work for the 4th edition, and we are in great debt to him for his efforts. I am also fortunate enough to have met him in person, and am now able to call him a friend as well as just "The guy who does city art".

Adam Black lives in Idaho with his wife Phaedra. He has also done work for Biohazard's Blue Planet, but for some reason we can't figure out, he's trying to get into the computer industry... He also makes a wonderful Kung Pao chicken dish.