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Home Away From Home Animal Rescue

What Is PeeDee Pages?

PeeDee Pages is going through a face lift to make things better for those of you who visit. Instead of its previous goal, we have decided to serve the PeeDee area by supporting all things local. If you have news from your area, send an email and we will put it on our Local Intrests page (under construction).  To help keep this site funded, there are small banner ads and links to commercial sites.  Please visit them to help keep us up and running.

We are a proud sponsor of Home Away From Home Animal Rescue, and hope that more people visit their pages and open their hearts to a pet in need.

Beyond that, we offer free advertising for any items sold that are under $50 and we support and if you're in the area, visit the Florence Freecycle group, or search for the closest freecycle group nearest to you.

Other than those services, we will also list pictures from local artists wanting to display or sell their work.

Check out our Food Reviews, to see some of the places we have eaten, or drop a note on our message board there to tell everyone about your favorite place to eat!
 If you have a site, and would like to advertise for Home Away From Home, let us know and we will send you the needed info to paste the bar (below) onto your page.


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